Step 1 before you read the guides is that you order a service from us

TVIP box


Connect everything and start the box
1. Set the box’s language and time zone, and connect it to the network so the internet is connected.
2. Go to TV in the left menu and change all settings so that it is as follows:
* Stream Source: Multicast
* UDPXY Server:
* MPEG-TS Buffering, msec: 5000
* DVR Storage: No storage
* Timeshift storage: Internal storage
* Auto-timeshifting: Off
* Content Source: Web Portal

Below the Content Source: Web Portal there is a button that says Setup Web portal. Press it and set the following settings: Portal URL: This is what you get from us when we add your box to our system.

Portal Manager: Off
Use Web portal: Whole System

Then press Apply. That’s all clear. Now you only need to buy an account from us and state your MAC address in your order, and we will connect it to you in our system.

if you have to factory reset your box then you do this

1. Press, 4, 9, on the control and then select ok.
2. Wait until the box has been reset.
Set language and time zone.
4. Then press the gear and select TV.
5. Then go down to “Content Source” and select “Web Portal”.
6. Then click on “Setup Web portal” which you will find at the bottom. There you should fill in so that it looks like below.

Portal URL: You get support from us
Portal manager: Off
Use Web portal: Whole system
API mode: GSTB or MAG