Step 1 before you read the guides is that you order a service from us

SMART TV (Royal IPTV app)

Keep in mind that when you upload according to these instructions, it is easiest to do it from a computer, otherwise there is support that will be happy to help you.

1. Go to your TV’s App Store

2. Search for the ROYAL IPTV program

Once you have downloaded the ROYAL IPTV program, start it, there you will get something called MAC ADDRESS it can e.g. look like this A5: 44: 6F: X3: 33: 76 (note the example image below).

4. Copy the MAC Address or write it down.

5. Go to and enter your MAC address in the left field. In the field to the right, insert or write the m3u link that you received in your email after your purchase and click on “Ad Playlist” (example of the page you see below)

6. Restart your TV now and it should work.

Keep in mind that ROYAL IPTV is a paid program that costs about SEK 70. It is free for 24 hours and when your trial period has expired, you must buy the program, you do so under the tab “Activation” on their page.