American IPTV is looking for resellers!

Do you want to make money by selling to / for us? Do not hesitate, this is a market you want to invest in whether you have a store or sell to your friends and acquaintances.

Best of all, as a reseller, you run your own brand under our servers. We take care of all the technical, all you need to do is have full focus on building your own customer base and be a good reseller.

Working in your own portal is really super easy, it sounds more advanced than it really is. As a reseller with us, you get full support of all matters and help with everything until you become completely self-sufficient.

NOTE! Only contact us if you are really serious and want to get started as a dealer.


Of course, in order to get fair prices as a retailer, we want to hear your vision. Is the idea that you handle the services of the circle of friends, or do you intend to sell online. These are of course criteria that affect your prices.

10 Day Subscription: • Credits
1 Months Subscription:? Credits
3 Months Subscription:? Credits
6 Months Subscription:? Credits
12 Months Subscription:? Credits
250 credits – 250 euros
500 credits – 500 euros
1000 credits – 1000 euros
Bonus for larger purchases

Interested in becoming a reseller?

Contact us then via

Dealer options


Option 1: Earn a sum of money on everyone you tip in who buys 1 year. (costs nothing to get started)

Option 2: Invest and get started with your own reseller portal where you can administer your customers yourself. You simply run your own IPTV company and are completely independent. We take care of all the technical and you obviously get full support from us all the time.

Why You Should Choose Us


We are on duty from kl. 10 to 22. With us, the customer is in focus before, during and after the completed purchase.


Our servers are based outside American borders. No American authorities have the authority to approach our servers and we can promise you that your privacy is preserved.

Stable Servers

We have the most stable IPTV service on the market. Channels, movies and series with an uptime outside this world. In addition, we have chosen not to jeopardize quality.

Price guarantee

As we are a leader in the IPTV industry, we can guarantee that no one can measure up to our fantastic prices.

Premium channels

We supply thousands of TV channels from all over the world. We broadcast all ESPN, NBC, FOX , movies and series directly from HBO, Netflix and Disney+ and moore.


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